Auto Blogging Business – Earn up to #55,000 Monthly From Google

Stay home, do nothing and get paid from Google – it is called Auto Blogging Business.

You will earn a minimum income of #55,000 Monthly with 100% legal agreement of money back.

Auto – it means you don’t do anythin. We have done everything for you.

Blogging – you generate 100% guarantee income from Google Adsense from a blog site we are going to create for you.

You have 100% access to Google Adsense Account – It means you see & monitor how much you earn in dollar ($) daily from your blog.

You earn $200 – $500 every month.

First few months you earn about $200 (100% Guarantee). After that, Google would have index your blog better and your earning increase from $200 upward.

Google paid you directly to your own bank account.

We take 25% commission from your monthly earning.

Auto Blogging Setup cost you a one time payment of #60,000. However, you have a choice to pay in two (2) instalments. For instance, if you pay #30,000 now, you will need to balance the #30K in 30 days interval.

It takes 2 months for full setup.

100% Money Back Guarantee with a legal agreement. You can sign this legal agreement from our lawyer firm in Lagos or Abeokuta.

Those living outside these cities will need to pay for a courier to sign this agreement & return to us.

This opportunity is limited to just 60 people.


Some frequently asked questions:

How long will I be getting this money for?

Answer – As long as Google exists.

Another Question from already paid client

Can I pay in instalment?

Answer – YES. But you must complete in 30 days interval.


Why do u charge 25 percent after paying 60k

Answer -Because we manage the blog + tech behind it, and also maintain it. You don’t do anything.

Also, the #60K is to cover setup, registration and optimisation.


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