How I Earn Over #200,000 Monthly As A Mobile App Developer Without Coding/Skills Required

I am Ade by name from MYSAFEPAY.NG

I am an App Developer with Zero Knowledge about coding or technical skills.

Take or leave it, I make more money offering app development services to people than selling physical products.

I am here to show you how I Make Over #200,000 Monthly From My Bedroom as an App Developer without Technical Skills/Coding.

There are two ways I make money from this app business which I am ready to show you.

Before that, every interested app developer will have access to app platform + online app training from MYSAFEPAY. 

The essence of the app platform is to enable you to  build different apps, manage your customer apps & publish apps without coding, programming or any skills. That is, if you can use a smart phone or Facebook you can become an app developer with this amazing app platform.

Therefore, with this app platform you do not need any programming or coding knowledge before you can build a professional mobile apps for your customers.



Since this App Empowerment Training is Free, you will continue to learn different app types at no cost.

Remember you only pay to pay have access to app platform that enable you to build different apps without coding knowledge.

👉Online Store App
👉Dropshipping App,
👉IG Store App,
👉Jiji like app,
👉Jumia like app,
👉Uber Like App,
👉Lottery App,
👉Community App,
👉Payment App,
👉Subscription Payment App,
👉Booking App,
👉Whatzapp Like App
👉Dating App
👉Video/Photo Book App,
👉 InstaNews App
👉 Donation/Fund Raising App,
👉School/Learning App
👉 Ebook/Digital App

And many more…



Now back to the app business, there are two ways I make money from this lucrative online business as explained thus:

App development business gives you both active income and passive income. 

  • Active income – is one payment you get for job done.
  • Passive income – is getting continuous payment from the job you have just done one time.


1. I Develop Different Apps For People & Business Owners

© You gain access to our app platform + online training where you can build, manage and publish apps.

© You fix your app development price & monthly renewal for clients and they pay directly to your bank account or via your SafePay Wallet. Accepting payment via the wallet boost the confidence of your customers to deal and pay to your wallet because you won’t have access to their money until when job is done.

© You can earn up to #100,000 Monthly or more without exaggeration.

Let me give you this simple illustration here: 

© Active Income ($) – you determine your own app charges and get the payment directly to yourself.

© You can charge your customers from #3,000 – #50,000 depending on the kind of mobile app they want.

© You can have your own app brand name.

© You charge your customers a monthly renewal fee of #1,000 – #3,000 monthly depending on their app type.

© Imagine you have published about 50 apps within few months and each customer pay a monthly renewal of atleast #1K, you earn #50K monthly aside the Development fee you have charged before.

©  From this illustration, the development fee is your Active income and this depend on the amount you charge each of your customer to build their app. The #50K you generate from their monthly renewal is called Passive Income. You keep earning this for the mobile app (work) you have just done once. 

Finally, the most interesting part is that it does not take you more than 15 minutes to build most apps for customers. 

2. App Business Networking

This is optional for you but it is the best option to make alot of money by having other app developers working indirectly for you.

I currently make more money from the revenues generated from all app developers that have signed up on the website through my referral link than what I make when I develop apps for customers. Infact, this is 3 times what I make from developing apps for customers myself.  


Let me give you a practical example – 

Income From Your First Leg –

® Let assume you refer just 10 people to become app developers using your referral link.

® You earn #1,500 (30%) from their registration payment from the company.

® You still earn the same #1,500 (30%) again even when they renew.

® At this stage with 10 people, you earn #15,000 monthly paid to you from the company.

® If each of your developer make apps for their customers and they also generate #30,000 each, it means all the 10 developers made #300,000 per month.

® Then, you have another 20% commission on this, and you make additional #30,000.

This is also the same to whatever they earn from renewal revenues made also.

Income From Your Second Leg

® Let assume the same 10 people has 10 new developers each. Each of them will also earn #15,000 monthly from the company.

® You will get 20% commission from their #15,000 each, then a total of (10 * 15,000 *0.2) = #30,000 every month.

® The same 20% commission apply to whatever income they also generated.

® It goes on like that….


With this simple analysis, I can guarantee any prospective app developers of #200,000 monthly or more. 



Having read all these information, it will only cost you #5,000 monthly to become an app developer. Remember, the app training is always free and you are only paying for access to have your own app platform account. As previously explained, app platform is where you can create apps, manage it and publish apps without coding skills.

  • You can start developing apps for customers after 1 week. It means you can start earning income as an app developer immediately after 1 week when you commence training.
  • What if I don’t make any income at the end of my first month, How do I get money to renew my app platform? – It is very rare you won’t make income either through app development for customers or referring app developers as explained above. But if this happen, the company will not charge you a monthly renewal as an app developer until you make income from the app business. However, we are 100% certain that all our app developers will definitely be making good income.



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