Lottery Feature – Play FREE & Win Cash Daily,  Make Money From Google & MYSAFEPAY or Boost Sales Up To 90%

The following are things you can do with our lottery:


  • Everyone login user can play the lottery game free of charge.
  • After login, share the advert post to gain points.
  • Then, play the lottery. You can only submit just one entry per day.
  • The system will select the daily winner by 12 am.
  • Winner’s photo, Instagram handle or Facebook/Whatsapp would be published daily.
  • Repeat the sharing of advert post the next day to play the lottery again.
  • The lottery game is daily. It means if you don’t win today, you could win the next day.
  • It is free. Kindly invite your friends.



You can decide to become a lottery agent by having the lottery game integrated to your business mobile app or make it a standalone lottery app.

As a lottery agent, you gain access to the following:

  • Lottery mobile app or lottery game integrated to your existing mobile app with us.
  • Lottery winner shall be rewarded by the company and not you – so you have nothing to lose as a lottery agent for us.
  • Lottery game can be played from your own lottery app or business mobile app – it generate more traffic for you. That is, more people will download your mobile app to play the lottery game.
  • Your safepay referral link would be integrated to your lottery game to keep the record of all players that play the lottery from your own app.
  • If the lottery winner is from your mobile app (your referrals) – you will get 20% of the cash reward of the winner. It means as a lottery agent you also make cool cash.
  • Lottery agent can also play the lottery game if you wish.
  • Since the lottery game drive massive traffic to your mobile app – we can help you to add Google Adsense (Admob) to your mobile app.  This will pop up advert for people playing the lottery from your app and Google will keep paying you for this. It means as a lottery agent, you only need to focus on more people playing your lottery game, while Google pays you in dollar ($). The more the number of people that play your lottery game daily, the higher your earnings from Google. Imagine earning about $10 dollar per day from Google.
  • If the lottery game is integrated to your business mobile app, it means players will also know about your products or services first before playing the lottery game from your mobile app. Thus, increase your brand awareness which will definitely increase your sales in the future.


To become a lottery agent/add this lottery game to your mobile app:

Development fee – #2,000

Monthly renewal – #1,000

While free for our partners. Fee free to contact us if you wish to become a partner also.



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