Vendors On SafePay Marketplace Make Over #300,000 Monthly


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® No competition between vendors on our marketplace because two vendors can never sell the same product or services unlike other markerplace sites where you have multiple vendors.
That is, one vendor per product category.
® SafePay Marketplace is guarantee of attracting over 1 Million potential customers every month.
It means your products would be seen by large number of people every month.
® Your products would be automatically available for dropshipping.
No need to look for dropshippers again.
It means thousands of dropshippers can accept, change price & resell your products on their own store. Thus increase your sales.
Vendors can also see the list of dropshippers who has accepted your products & contact them if you wish.
® Buyers Can Negotiate with Sellers via Whatsapp & pay whatever agreed price.
No fixed price unlike other e-commerce sites where buyers can only pay whatever price seen during payment checkout.
® Anti-Scam Payment Integration – It means buyers can even buy and pay to your wallet even while asleep.
® Buyers & Sellers Are 100% Protected via our Anti-Scam Payment Wallet. Bcos of this, all approved vendors on our marketplace gain 100% trust & confidence of their customers, thus increase sales.
® Every vendor will get a free website + mobile app.
You can use your website to list your other products or use as bio link & share across your social media.
® Option to dropship (sell other vendors’ products ) on your website, determine your own profit and make extra income from your website.
You can make extra #100,000 monthly from dropshipping alone bcos you determine your own profit for each sale.
® Option to allow other vendors, individuals or dropshippers to sell on your website (like Jiji/Jumia) and make certain commission on every transaction.
You can make up to #10,000 daily from this alone.
® Option to add Google Adsense to your website & make $100 – $200 every month from Google depending on number of visitors to your website.
® Option to add other services like taxi booking, logistics, freelance, etc to your website and make extra commission on every transaction.
® You get your own site like – or
® You make huge extra income every month apart from your own real business.

® Interested vendor only pay just #3,000 monthly.

Secure your slot now by becoming the only vendor for your product category or service.

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