Online & Offline Legit Businesses and Jobs You Can Start In Nigeria Without Any Money

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Online & Offline Legit Businesses and Jobs You Can Start In Nigeria Without Any Money

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  1. How to make #90,000 weekly by safeguarding online transactions in Nigeria as a safepay agent – No selling of products.
  2. How to setup your own logistics business (online or offline) with zero capital & make #30,000 weekly.
  3. How to work as an errand dispatcher (without a bike) or bike dispatcher in Lagos city and earn up to #5,000 daily.
  4. How to launch a dropshipping store and earn up to #100K monthly – No startup capital required. Access to thousands of products from different vendors in Nigeria and AliExpress.
  5. How to hire over 10,000 dropshippers and safepay agents to resell your products as a vendor without paying them.
  6. How to work as an online store manager for different online vendors to help them launch their own free e-commerce store like Jumia, and earn about #50,000 every month.


Business One – How To Launch Your Own Logistics Business With Zero Capital & Earn up to #30,000 weekly.

After listening to audio lessons, you can decide if you want to run an online logistics business only or becoming a logistics partner and run both offline logistics (require shop address) and online together. As a logistics partner, you will need to cargo your items to a nearby sorting house and determine your own delivery fee for your clients.

You can also become a verified errand dispatcher and make up to #500 per parcel, earn up to #4,000 or more daily.

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Download Lesson 1 – Logistics Business

Download Lesson 2 – Logistics Operation & How To Begin



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