MYSAFEPAY is a diversified service-based company registered (Limited Liablity) in Nigeria with international affiliation & collaboration with foreign experts to provide quality services in Anti-Scam Payment for e-commerce & other online businesses/services, Advertisement, Information Technology, Mobile Apps Development, Logistics, etc. 

We have acquired some local companies in Nigeria to facilitate our implementation process in Nigeria market & we are currently working with many businesses to meet up with their primary business purposes.


What We Stand For

  • We identify problems…
  • We solve them…
  • We convert the solutions to business opportunities…
  • We make these opportunities available to interested Nigerians to use as their sources of legit income.


Some of What We Can Offer

The following are some services you can enjoy from us. However, feel free to contact us if you need further information or what you are looking for is not listed below.  Tell us a problem, we shall provide different solutions for you, which you can use to generate more revenues. 


1.Anti-Scam Payment

Over 40 million Nigerians are potential victims of online scam. Anti-scam payment wallet or app allow customers to pay any vendor in Nigeria without any risk. It protects both vendors and customers to ensure safe transaction. Since customers and vendors are 100% protected, it brings back many Nigerians to e-commerce trading.

Everyone can use this wallet or app.

Interested Nigerians can also earn up to #100,000 every week as an Anti-scam payment agent. Feel free to ask us how.


2. Dropshipping Store + Mobile App

Access to thousands of Products which you can edit, change price and publish on your store directly without downloading any products images. Dropshippers can also upload & publish their own Products if they wish. This package will also come with your own store app.


3. Online Store + Mobile App

Every vendor can own their own online store like Jumia. The good news for you as a vendor is that – your published Products will appear on your online store and also on showroom where thousands of dropshippers can view it, accept and help you to resell. You also gain access to see all dropshippers who have accepted your products.

This package will also come with your own store app.


4. Mobile App Development

We offer the cheapest mobile apps development services in the country. Imagine having a store app as low as #1,000 monthly. We can provide you different mobile apps such as uber-like app, Jiji like app, Jumia like app, Whatsapp Like app, Community app, Donation app, Social Advert App, News app, Logistics app, etc. Just tell us what kind of app you need.


5. Social Viral Advert – Pay Per Share

Imagine 60 social influencers on our platform sharing your advert post. Each influencer has a minimum of 500 friends. It means your advert will reach (60 * 500) = 30,000 people.

Remember these;

  1. Each influencer has more than 500 friends on Facebook, it means your advert will reach more than the figure above.
  2. Friends of each influencer will definitely click on your advert post because they trusted the person that shared it. Therefore, this kind of social viral advert is similar to word of mouth marketing which is still the best form of advert.
  3. Friends of each influencer has a great tendency to share your advert to their own timeline also – It means your advert will reach more than the estimated figure above.
  4. Imagine you only pay each influencer after sharing your advert post and you can view and monitor every influencer activity to their Facebook time – 100% transparency to monitor your advert before paying for it.
  5. Trust us, you only need about #3,000 only to reach over 30,000 active Nigerians. No advert channel or sponsored post can give you this result.
  6. Definitely, you can reach millions of people depending on your advert budget.

This service also provide online job opportunity for everyone who has more than 500 Facebook Friends to become social influencers and earn about #10,000 weekly with us. 


6. Safe Free Delivery

This is not a gimmick. Yes, we are offering free delivery for vendors depending on your city. This idea is to help growing entrepreneurs to boost their profit, knowing fully that anti-scam payment, advertisement and logistics are major factors needed by all vendors to attain business success.

For instance, when a vendor pay for advert of #1,500, you will get advert credits to promote your business to reach over 15,000 potential customers and you can also make about 5 deliveries per week without paying for it. It means every vendor only pay for advert and get free delivery. Please do the mathematics. You can never get this offer anywhere in Nigeria.

Therefore, we shall only make this rare opportunity available to limited vendors in Nigeria.



  • Safe Freebet? – You don’t use real money to play but win real cash.
  • Safe lottery – You don’t use real money to play but win real cash.
  • Safetravels Club
  • Social/Money Donation platform
  • Fund Raising Platform
  • Sell Digital Information
  • Voting/Contest Platform
  • SafeTV – Online TV to bring talents of many Nigerians
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    Stay home, do nothing and get paid from Google – it is called Auto Blogging Business.

    You will earn a minimum income of #55,000 Monthly with 100% legal agreement of money back.

    Auto – it means you don’t do anythin. We have done everything for you.

    Blogging – you generate 100% guarantee income from Google Adsense from a blog site we are going to create for you.

    You have 100% access to Google Adsense Account – It means you see & monitor how much you earn in dollar ($) daily from your blog.

    You earn $200 – $500 every month.

    First few months you earn about $200 (100% Guarantee). After that, Google would have index your blog better and your earning increase from $200 upward.

    Google paid you directly to your own bank account.

    We take 25% commission from your monthly earning.

    Auto Blogging Setup cost you a one time payment of #60,000. However, you have a choice to pay in two (2) instalments. For instance, if you pay #30,000 now, you will need to balance the #30K in 30 days interval.

    It takes 2 months for full setup.

    100% Money Back Guarantee with a legal agreement. You can sign this legal agreement from our lawyer firm in Lagos or Abeokuta.

    Those living outside these cities will need to pay for a courier to sign this agreement & return to us.

    This opportunity is limited to just 60 people.


    Some frequently asked questions:

    How long will I be getting this money for?

    Answer – As long as Google exists.

    Another Question from already paid client

    Can I pay in instalment?

    Answer – YES. But you must complete in 30 days interval.


    Why do u charge 25 percent after paying 60k

    Answer -Because we manage the blog + tech behind it, and also maintain it. You don’t do anything.

    Also, the #60K is to cover setup, registration and optimisation.


    Click here to pay via PayStack


    Click to join our Auto Blogging Whatsapp Group



  • I don’t have a job now,can u help me with it And i will pay u back once i start getting money from google.we can sign an agreement.

  • Thank you for trying to open our understanding to how to make money real time. I will like to know the basic thing needed, how to go about it, what to do and how to be successful about it and in it.

    • Please I’ve read all ur contents,,,,,and I really like them but I want to start with this particular one u just mentioned now,,,,but d criteria here is that I don’t have any money with me , , please help me with it,,, den u withdraw the payment once I start earning,,,please

  • I’m interested in it but I’m currently out of job so I cash trapped. Can you still help me so you can take your money from my earnings in two(2) installment. Thank u

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    The following are things you can do with our lottery:


    • Everyone login user can play the lottery game free of charge.
    • After login, share the advert post to gain points.
    • Then, play the lottery. You can only submit just one entry per day.
    • The system will select the daily winner by 12 am.
    • Winner’s photo, Instagram handle or Facebook/Whatsapp would be published daily.
    • Repeat the sharing of advert post the next day to play the lottery again.
    • The lottery game is daily. It means if you don’t win today, you could win the next day.
    • It is free. Kindly invite your friends.



    You can decide to become a lottery agent by having the lottery game integrated to your business mobile app or make it a standalone lottery app.

    As a lottery agent, you gain access to the following:

    • Lottery mobile app or lottery game integrated to your existing mobile app with us.
    • Lottery winner shall be rewarded by the company and not you – so you have nothing to lose as a lottery agent for us.
    • Lottery game can be played from your own lottery app or business mobile app – it generate more traffic for you. That is, more people will download your mobile app to play the lottery game.
    • Your safepay referral link would be integrated to your lottery game to keep the record of all players that play the lottery from your own app.
    • If the lottery winner is from your mobile app (your referrals) – you will get 20% of the cash reward of the winner. It means as a lottery agent you also make cool cash.
    • Lottery agent can also play the lottery game if you wish.
    • Since the lottery game drive massive traffic to your mobile app – we can help you to add Google Adsense (Admob) to your mobile app.  This will pop up advert for people playing the lottery from your app and Google will keep paying you for this. It means as a lottery agent, you only need to focus on more people playing your lottery game, while Google pays you in dollar ($). The more the number of people that play your lottery game daily, the higher your earnings from Google. Imagine earning about $10 dollar per day from Google.
    • If the lottery game is integrated to your business mobile app, it means players will also know about your products or services first before playing the lottery game from your mobile app. Thus, increase your brand awareness which will definitely increase your sales in the future.


    To become a lottery agent/add this lottery game to your mobile app:

    Development fee – #2,000

    Monthly renewal – #1,000

    While free for our partners. Fee free to contact us if you wish to become a partner also.


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